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Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

At Ruban Yoga we offer yoga training in Goa and so that once you complete the course you can safely teach from anywhere in the world. The training covers everything from simple poses to advanced meditation techniques.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you improve your teaching skills while gaining a deeper understanding of yoga. Lessons include daily asana (body posture) exercises as well as workshops designed to improve your teaching skills. Yoga in Goa can be a life-changing practice that transforms not only your own practice but also your relationship with yourself, others around you and nature!

Professional Yoga Masters

At our yoga school in Goa, you will study under the guidance and training of registered and experienced yoga teachers.

Enjoyable stay

Spacious accommodation and pleasant environment help you learn the basics of yoga with a good attitude.

Organic Meals

Healthy and delicious Sattvic meals give you enough energy to complete your daily activities with sufficient energy.

Ayurveda and Hydrotherapy

Make your yoga session a success; It is necessary to take a break from work to recuperate and recuperate.

Registered Yoga School

Registered Yoga School by Yoga Alliance of America; Ruban Yoga in Goa is the best place to learn from Yoga.


Satsam connects you directly to heaven through spirituality. It will help you filter the negatives.

Short Trips

Goa is a place with many quiet and peaceful places. Yoga classes in Goa, India.

Yoga Enjoyment

We understand that you need to relax after class and still have a target day to mentally prepare for the next session.

Our Courses

Residential and non Residential Yoga Teachers Training Course Goa, India

Ruban Yoga is a best Yoga School in goa. We offer residential yoga teacher training programs. We also offers Yoga Alliance certified residential instructor-led courses in cottage-style living surrounded by beautiful.

200 hours Yoga Teachers Training

1300 Euro per person Includes

Individual Accommodation

Morning breakfast, lunch and dinner

Study materials

On completion students will receive the Certificate

for non Residential 900 EURO per person

7 days Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat 2024

March 7th to 13th

March 25 to 31st

30000 rupees per person

Includes Individual Accommodation

Morning and evening yoga

Morning breakfast, lunch and dinner

Herbal tea morning and evening

Excursion to the Spice plantation

1 Cooking class

For shared accommodation 20000 rupees per person

Excursion During Course

Some Trip With Yoga Course

Student Reviews

What Our Students Think About Us

Maria Smantha

I never thought yoga would be for me. I'm not particularly flexible, and my schedule is always packed. But after a stressful year, I decided to give it a try. At YogaIndiaRuban, I found instructors who welcomed me with open arms and tailored the practice to my abilities.

Lisa Cudrow

We've been practicing yoga for years, but our experience at Ruban Yoga has been truly transformative. The emphasis on breathwork and meditation has deepened our connection and helped us navigate life's transitions with greater peace. The beautiful studio space and supportive community feel like a second home.

John Smith

Yoga was always intimidating to me. I felt out of place and self-conscious. But at Ruban Yoga, I found a welcoming environment where everyone is encouraged to explore their own practice. The diverse range of classes and workshops cater to all levels, and the instructors are patient and encouraging.

Yoga Gurus In goa

Teachers & Team Of Ruban Yoga

Ruban Yoga

Director and founder

Pankaj Kamal

Ashtanga yoga and Philosophy