7 days Yoga Retreat with Ruban

Ruban Yoga Retreat is located on the palolem beach, North side behind the Fernandes Restaurant. The yoga shala offers daily drop in classes,One week two weeks Yoga holiday packages,One month Yoga teachers training and Ayurvedic treatments.

About Ruban

Ruban is traditional Hatha yoga teacher from south India. He has been teaching yoga in palolem beach and in south india for the last 11years. He studied yoga from Bihar school of yoga, He has his Teacher and Master of yoga from shiva kendra chennai. He is also a yoga graduate from a recognized university in Chennai. He has many students all round the world who come regularly to practice yoga with him. He also practices Traditional Ayurvedic medicines.

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Yoga Retreat

We offer one week two weeks yoga holiday packages. Those who never done yoga and want to practice or those who want to deepen their yoga practice on the holiday, this is the good choice.

Ayurvedic Massages and treatments

Our Ayurvedic massages and treatments are highly recommended by many people. We help the people in getting rid of their back pain neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain. We also give Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes, skin diseases, kidney stone,Tec.

Cooking classes.

We teach traditional south indian recipes. We teach pure vegan. We teach simple and healthy recipes, which you can go home and prepare it by yourself. We use home made groundnut or coconut oil in our cooking.


Drop in classes

The classes are 7 days a week

Daily drop in classes
8.am to 9.15 am
9.15am to 10.30 am
10.30 am to 11.30 am Beginners
4.30 pm to 6.pm
6.30 pm to 7.45 pm Candle light Yoga
Rs. 500 per class. Weekly and monthly Pass available Students who find that this price is bit expensive they could talk to the teacher privately.

Organic Farming

    1. In this modern world, everyone is so busy that we hardly have enough time to look after ourselves. Here i want to show everyone the Ancient system. This project is going to be set up on the traditional farm land overlooking the beautiful paddy field. Here we will be growing our own fruits and vegtables using manure instead of fertiliser and pesticide.
    2. Where this project is going to be set up?
    3. The organic farming and yoga retreat project is going to be set up in TamilNadu, Near to Thiruvannamalai.Thiruvannamalai town is famous for Arunachala Temple and Ramana Ashram. Almost whole year round we have sunny weather in TamilNadu, The land is good for cultivating all the fruits and vegetables. The people can visit us whole year round.
    4. How the fund will be used? The fund will be used for planting the coconut trees,mango trees, papaya trees, medicinal plants,etc.Once the coconut trees grown enough, we will build the traditional mud houses in between the coconut trees for the guest those who are visiting us.
    5. Food
    6. We will be cooking our food with the fresh vegetables and fruits from our garden.We will be using mud clay pots instead of the Aluminium and the non stick. We don't use sugar or sunflower oil. We use Palm jaggery or honey and homemade groundnut or coconut oil in our cooking. We use organic rice. Like this we use almost everything organic so that you become healthy from inside.You are enjoying not only the holiday but also the whole farming method.
    7. If you like to donate towards this project kindly mail us: rubanyoga@gmail.com.
    8. We will be keeping the record of the donars. The donors are aways welcome to our farmland and stay as long as they want for free.

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North side of Palolem Beach,

Behind the Chapel and Fernandes Resturant,

South Goa

Working Hours

Seven Days a week

starts @ 8.am kindly check with the updates

Contact Info

Phone: +9370322700

Email: rubanyoga@gmail.com